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Welcome to PinoySwiss abroad

These are the photos, blogs and Youtube vlogs of our past (pre-covid) and present travels in these tough times. These are our passions and I am sure some people can relate to this. Please browse and explore!

Please WATCH, LIKE, SHARE OR SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel & FOLLOW us in our journeys and for sure you will learn something from this. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Many thanks!!

“Travel expands the mind and fills the gap” by Sheda Savage

Latest from the Blog


Please come and join me for another travel series in Wellington, New Zealand. This time it is an eco-sanctuary a Jurrasic Park look-alike for some of the world’s most extraordinary animals. Check this out and learn something by watching in FULL and listening to my commentary. I give some travel information and like to educate…

Te Mata Peak

New Zealand has a very diverse landscape and every regions has their own charm and breathtaking sceneries. Te Mata Peak is in Napier in the Hawks Bay region of New Zealand. And yes, we are still COVID FREE in the community. In fact this region are having this FREEDOM since May 2020. Come and join…


The title says it all. Since September 2020 we have been traveling around New Zealand after finishing our 2nd lockdowns (only in Auckland and the rest of NZ are covid free in the community since May 2020) and yes our hardwork by following the rules paid off and now we are all experiencing a much…

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