Please come and join me for another travel series in Wellington, New Zealand. This time it is an eco-sanctuary a Jurrasic Park look-alike for some of the world’s most extraordinary animals. Check this out and learn something by watching in FULL and listening to my commentary. I give some travel information and like to educate my viewers too.

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Te Mata Peak

New Zealand has a very diverse landscape and every regions has their own charm and breathtaking sceneries. Te Mata Peak is in Napier in the Hawks Bay region of New Zealand. And yes, we are still COVID FREE in the community. In fact this region are having this FREEDOM since May 2020. Come and join us watch this Youtube video and I will tour you around going up to the mountain of Te Mata Peak.


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The title says it all. Since September 2020 we have been traveling around New Zealand after finishing our 2nd lockdowns (only in Auckland and the rest of NZ are covid free in the community since May 2020) and yes our hardwork by following the rules paid off and now we are all experiencing a much loved freedom that others don’t have at the moment. We are now covid free in the community for a very long time now.

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Devonport: What to see and do?

Devonport, Auckland NZ

Devonport is said to be Auckland’s prettiest village by the sea. It is only 12 minutes ferry ride from Auckland CBD. You can do a half or full day trip excursions with your friends or families, and yes kids will love it too! Website for more info HERE.

Please watch the video above to know more about this pretty little village and what it has to offer and more! Otherwise you can also head into Youtube channel to get more updated travel videos. We are proud that we are almost back to normal here in New Zealand. We all help by staying safe and obeying the rules. Those who don’t will be punished by law.


Swiss mountain family escapades

PinoySwiss Abroad YOUTUBE

One of our favorite holiday destination! who doesn’t it’s SWITZERLAND!!

This is our first time ever to come in December, winter it is but since my son been asking me for this for such a long time so we finally get the chance to head over there instead of our usual July August summer holiday! We are lucky that we have families there so yes it is free accomodation and free yummy Swiss foods as well. We are so greatful.

Please check this out and you will see some AMAZING views of these magnificent mountains alps! It would be great if you could head on to my YOUTUBE channel as I have more videos there than here. This is the >> LINK. Please watch, listen, like, share and SUBSCRIBE. See you there too!

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Abu Dhabi at a Quick Glance


I summarized a few events in our expats years while living in the beautiful capital of the UAE which is Abu Dhabi. Some of you dear readers may think that Dubai is the capital… you are so wrong. It is Abu Dhabi and it’s big brother who helped Dubai to where they are at now, a shining star from the tourists perspectives.

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Auckland back to lockdown level 3

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“If safety is a joke, then death is the punchline”

Paul Laforest

It was like a slap in the face getting back to quarantine lockdown level 3 in Auckland after 102 days of being covid-free country in the world. Perhaps we really cannot maintain this until we really close the border and that means rejecting even your own countrymen. They have the right to come home after all… but by no means FOLLOW the rules!! (which are some of them didn’t do which is utterly dissapointing).

UPDATE: As of today August 25th the PM announced that we will be back to level 2 so that’s some sort of freedom with a face mask and social distancing and fewer people attending an events. It is good enough so Aucklander’s should be able to abide by it.

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Expat family pre-covid holiday!

“Opportunity knocks only once. You’ll never know if you’ll get another opportunity.”

Leon Spinks

I was naive of what will happen that time. Of what to expect. It was full of surprises, adventures, luxuries that I never experienced before, happiness and sometimes loneliness being an expat. One thing I know now… it comes once in a lifetime. I don’t think it may happen again for me. So when your chance comes in… try to enjoy the most of it and seek to be alive and do wonderful things. Our world nowadays is not the same as before. Stay safe everyone!

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Auckland Museum and it’s vicinity

Have you been curious about down south corner of the world? Watch this to give you some perspective on how it is and the beauty of it’s nature and culture.

  • Here is the link for Auckland Museum for more information
  • If you want to make the most of your time and if the weather is good best to also visit the Domain Wintergardens that makes two in one best bet for the day!
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Zurich road trip & around

Beautiful Zurich. It has so much more to offer other than the views! They have so many museums and if you are like me and my son, for sure you will love to know about some info. This is good for the whole family to enjoy and can even be a couples date.

Why do this?

  • Landes Museum this is the National Museum in Zurich, Switzerland
  • Focus Terra this is a museum for fossils, rock minerals, volcanoes etc. so enthusiastic people who like these things should come here and visit too!
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